How to Have a Luxurious Trip in Vegas without Breaking the Bank: Tips from Starpoint Resort Group

Sep 10, 2014 by

Las Vegas is a city full of extravagant attractions with an over-the-top presence. Because most of Las Vegas seems big and bold, it’s assumed that the entire cost for the trip could mean having an empty wallet as a result. Though an average cost of going to Vegas can be cheap, there are still ways to have a grand vacation without depriving your bank accounts.

  1. Consider booking a luxury suite, especially if you’re traveling with a group. Though it sounds like booking a suite would already be a huge setback, splitting the cost of this suite can be plenty helpful to make the overall expense much cheaper reveals the travel experts at Starpoint Resort Group
    Buffets, group accommodations and more are all ways to save

    Some of the best ways to save money while vacationing in Las Vegas from Starpoint Resort Group

    . This is a good way to start the trip off on an extravagant note without having to dole out too much money.

  2. Buffets can be a great way to eat a large amount of great food for a decent price. Many of the buffets offer a wide selection of decadent entrees and desserts for the price that it could be to eat just one entrée at a upscale Vegas restaurant. Often times the buffets include a complimentary drink as well, so it could also lessen the expense of your alcohol bill.
  3. Try to gamble on a budget, if gambling is on the agenda. Bring only a set amount of money to a casino, and vow not to take out any more. The thrill of getting so close to the jackpot can keep you wanting to try again and again, but that could mean running out of money quickly. Try to avoid this by sticking to only one amount of money, and not taking more out if that amount is depleted.


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Tips for Taking a Road Trip with Kids from Starpoint Resort Group

Sep 5, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group provides families with top tips for taking a road trip to Las Vegas

Some of the best ways to take a road trip with the whole family are revealed by Starpoint Resort Group.

Taking a road trip with the whole family can be an extremely fun experience, or a stressful one. In order to ensure that the whole family has a great time on your next road trip, Starpoint Resort Group is sharing these tips to make sure that your whole family has a great ride.

1. Make sure to pack lots of food and drinks.
There are few complaints that are worse than “I’m hungry,” or “I’m thirsty,” when you’re in the middle of nowhere with the next rest stop in several hundred miles. In order to make sure that this never happens, make sure to bring along lots of snacks and drinks. You can even bring along a cooler full of sandwiches, pretzels and other easy-to-eat and non-messy items to snack on and save money as well.

2. Keep them entertained.
Another complaint that many kids will have is, “I’m bored.” Keep the kids entertained with fun road games like License Plate bingo and others that will keep them busy. Coloring books, puzzles and even video-games are a safe bet as well.

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Top Three Tips for Traveling to Las Vegas, Revealed by Starpoint Resort Group

Aug 21, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group says that when people go to Las Vegas this year, they should make sure that they are prepared. Before taking a vacation to Vegas, travelers should make sure to follow these great tips.

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Three Reasons Why Couples Should Travel to Las Vegas Provided by Starpoint Resort Group

Aug 15, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group knows that many couples aspire to go on vacation with one another. Traveling with your significant other has proven to be extremely beneficial for the relationship and helps you bond with one another. Instead of buying each other presents for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, consider going on vacation together instead. One of the best places for couples to travel together is none other than the exciting city of Las Vegas. These are some of the benefits of going to Las Vegas with your loved one.

  • Collect memories: It has been proven that people who collect memories are much happier than people who just collect things. This means that instead of collecting tangible gifts from your loved one, you can collect memories with them instead. By going to Las Vegas, you can experience unforgettable memories together such as seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance or going on a gondola ride in the Venetian.
  • Explore: Instead of sitting at home watching television or surfing the Internet, traveling allows you and your loved one to explore the world. When going to Las Vegas, you can see and explore amazing sites that you would not be able to see if you were just sitting at home.
  • Educational: Starpoint Resort Group says that travel can be extremely educational. Even when going to Las Vegas, there are a wide variety of museums and sites that will give you better insight into the rich history and culture of the city.
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A Meal at Holstein’s Provided by Starpoint Resort Group

Aug 12, 2014 by

Holstein's offers great food and an amazing atmosphere for diners, provided by Starpoint Resort Group

Starpoint Resort Group shares a truly delectable meal at Holstein’s in Las Vegas

Starpoint Resort Group knows that when people are in Las Vegas this summer, they may be looking for a tasty place to enjoy a meal. While there are endless choices of restaurants on The Strip, they certainly aren’t for everybody. When traveling to Vegas, guests should be sure to stop in at the Cosmopolitan and dine at Holstein’s. This top burger spot offers delectable burgers, sides, and dessert that are simply irresistible. The restaurant also offers many drink specials, some of which are “adult” milkshakes!

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Starpoint Resort Group Shares 7 Reasons Why People Should Travel to Las Vegas

Aug 6, 2014 by

1. The resorts and hotels have so many attractions and amenities that guests do not have to leave the property in order to enjoy shopping, great restaurants, and unique features. All of these are located throughout the hotel and provide many great options for people.

2. Guests can experience beautiful weather all year round, which makes it easy to walk up and down The Strip.

3. Many resorts offer thrilling rides and roller coasters that are built into or on top of the property. There are four different rides at the Stratosphere alone, with some that have people hanging almost 1,000 feet above The Strip. For a different experience, Starpoint Resort Group says to check out the Adventuredome located in Circus Circus.

4. Tourists can experience different cultures and countries by simply strolling in and out of the various resorts on The Strip. You can feel like you are in France by stepping into the Paris Las Vegas Resort or take a trip through Venice, Italy at The Venetian.

5. For those who want to enjoy one of the finest nightclub scenes around, The Strip in Las Vegas is the perfect destination. There are dozens of exclusive nightclubs that provide the best in entertainment, with famous DJs performing every night.

6. There is no better place to travel to in order to see some of the most famous and well-known artists perform nightly. People can watch Celine Dion belt out the lyrics of her hit songs, or watch famous magician David Copperfield stun people with his jaw-dropping illusions.

7. From never-ending buffets to delicious burger spots, Starpoint Resort Group shares that there are endless options when it comes to delectable cuisine. The Strip offers a wide variety of cuisines that show off some of the best flavors from around the world.

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Starpoint Resort Group Shares a Tasty Dining Experience

Aug 4, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group Shares a Tasty Dining Experience

Starpoint Resort Group Shares a Tasty Dining Experience

Starpoint Resort Group knows that there are endless different dining experiences that are available on The Strip in Las Vegas. Guests can choose from a variety of different burger joints, sushi restaurants, buffets, and ice cream shacks for a delicious meal or treat. One of the best places to stop and take some time to relax and enjoy a good meal is at Pink’s Hot Dogs. This eatery is located right on The Strip inside of the Miracle Mile Shops. Patrons can select from a range of unique burgers, hot dogs, and side dishes that will make for a truly unforgettable meal.

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Starpoint Resort Group Shares Top Events in Las Vegas

Jul 25, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group knows that there is a wide range of things to do when in Las Vegas. Tourists can spend days on end exploring The Strip and checking out all of the wonderful attractions and exhibits that it has to offer. Guests can enjoy all of the outstanding shows and performances, check out the high-end shops, dine at the delicious restaurants, and place a bet at one of the many casinos. Another great thing that people can do when in Sin City is visit one of the great exhibits or expositions that make its way into town. These are some of the best events to check out when in Las Vegas.

  • Da Vinci The Exhibition: This amazing exhibit is located at the Venetian and is open every day of the week. Guests can enjoy all of the inventions, pieces of work, and art that were created by the famous Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci The Exhibition is an interactive exhibit and is a great way for people to learn about all of the important work that Leonardo da Vinci offered to society.
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art: The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art highlights a new exhibit each year and is now hosting, “Painting Women: Works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.”
  • Art & Wine: A Perfect Pairing: Starpoint Resort Group shares that the Art & Wine: A Perfect Pairing takes place at the Bellagio from 5pm-7pm the second Wednesday of every month. This event is a unique spin on admiring art and pairing it with different beverages. The directors of the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art pair different wines, champagne, and beer to whatever pieces are being highlighted at the Gallery.
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Starpoint Resort Group Shares a Trip to The Las Vegas Strip

Jul 23, 2014 by

LV Strip

Starpoint Resort Group knows that there are thousands of people who flock to The Las Vegas Strip each year. This area is unique in that there are dozens of luxurious resorts, hotels, and casinos all right next to each other. Guests are able to stay at one hotel and then spend the rest of the day exploring all of the different attractions and amenities that The Strip has to offer. These lavish resorts offer great restaurants, spectacular shows and performances, high-end shops, and relaxing spas.

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Starpoint Resort Group Shares Best Attractions at Caesars Palace

Jul 22, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group knows that Las Vegas is full of a wide range of unique attractions and sites that are extremely appealing to tourists from all around the world. When walking on The Strip, guests are able to take advantage of a variety of different accommodations and amenities that are unlike anything else you will experience. You are able to stroll down the street and check out resorts that are modeled after different countries and cultures and have a truly unmatched experience. One hotel that offers Greek décor and a splendid time is Caesars Palace. Check out some of these top things to do while at this resort.

  • The Forum Shops: Guests are able to stop in dozens of unique stores at The Forum Shops. This exceptional shopping experience allows guests to witness a fountain show, a large aquarium, high-end shops, boutiques, and various restaurants and cafes that boast cuisine from around the world.
  • Qua Baths & Spa: After a long night of dancing the night away, guests can relax and rejuvenate with a day at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace. This lavish spa spans over 50,000 square feet, offers an assortment of treatments, and has three different Roman baths that use water for healing power.
  • Fizz Las Vegas: Starpoint Resort Group says that for a great nightlife experience, Fizz Las Vegas is the place to go. This bar provides an exquisite and extravagant atmosphere to all visit. Fizz Las Vegas is over 2,500 square feet and offers a variety of high-end champagne and cocktail choices.
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Starpoint Resort Group Shares Visiting the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas

Jul 18, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group shares that there are many great resorts on The Strip in Las Vegas. One of the great things about this area is that you don’t need to stay at a certain resort in order to enjoy all of its benefits. While strolling on The Strip, visitors will be able to stop into a number of different hotels and casinos and take advantage of all of its attractions. One hotel that people should check out during their next trip to Las Vegas is the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino.

  • Blue Man Group: The Blue Man Group is one of the most popular shows all throughout the country and provides a truly unforgettable experience to all who see it. This show has now made the Monte Carlo Hotel its home and is offering a wonderful performance that has recently been revamped. The show now includes interactions with the audience, outstanding effects, and great music. For those who want to have an enhanced experience, there are VIP and dinner show combinations available.
  • Spa & Salon: This hotel provides a spa, salon, and a fitness room for its guests. People are able to work out in the fully equipped fitness room, enjoy a massage at the spa, or get their hair or make-up done at the salon.
  • Shopping: Starpoint Resort Group says that there are a number of great shopping opportunities at the Monte Carlo. The most popular shopping attraction is called the Street of Dreams and is lined with great boutiques and high-end shops.


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Starpoint Resort Group Shares Attractions at Bellagio in Las Vegas

Jul 16, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group says that when people travel to a destination for vacation, they usually want to go to a place that has many unique attractions and exhibits that they would not be able to find anywhere else. A top vacation spot should have something to offer that will stun people and make them want to keep coming back. The beautiful city of Las Vegas definitely has this quality and contains a variety of great attractions that are truly unforgettable. One of the top sites that people should travel to when in Sin City is the gorgeous Bellagio Resort.

  • Fountains of Bellagio: The Fountains of Bellagio is not only one of the most popular shows that you will find on The Strip, but it is also free. Guests can walk up and down The Strip and stop at the beautiful fountains that are located just outside of the Bellagio. These fountains are unlike any that you have ever seen before. They dance and come to life to the classical music that blasts from the speakers. This show occurs every 15 minutes between peak hours.
  • Conservatory & Botanical Gardens: When walking inside the Bellagio, visitors will be pleased to find an entire conservatory and botanical garden just waiting for them. This gorgeous attraction is home to magnificent trees, flowers, and plants. It is also complete with attractive bridges, ponds, gazebos, and more.
  • Fiori di Como: Starpoint Resort Group states that in the lobby of Bellagio, guests can look up to the ceiling where they will find a wonderful surprise. Placed on the 18-foot tall ceiling of the lobby, people will find a chandelier that is adorned with over 2,000 outstanding glass painted flowers.
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Starpoint Resort Group Highlights an Unbeatable Las Vegas Vacation

Jul 14, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group knows that Las Vegas is a great destination to travel to this summer. Guests of all ages and from all over the world travel to this great city to experience all that it has to offer. Many of the attractions that people take advantage of while in Sin City include gambling, shopping, going to nightclubs, and eating at terrific restaurants. While these are all great things to do, there is definitely the right way to do it. Check out these ways to make sure you have the best Vegas trip possible.

  • Gambling: Tourists love to save up their money and then invest it into the different slots and tables games that can be found at Las Vegas casinos. Many people have the high hopes that they will walk away from their vacation with thousands of dollars. While this is a small possibility, it is important to be realistic. In order to enjoy these casinos, make sure to moderate your money and take advantage of the perks. Servers usually come around with free drinks, but be sure to tip them so that they come back.
  • Drinking: One of the great things about Sin City is that it is legal to walk down The Strip with an alcoholic drink in your hand. Many people take advantage of this, but it is important to be careful. Especially in the summer, the weather can get pretty toasty. The warm weather may make you feel the alcohol more than usual. Be sure to moderate yourself so that you can fully enjoy the Las Vegas experience.
  • Transportation: Starpoint Resort Group says that many tourists feel like they can easily walk up and down The Strip all day. However, The Strip is a lot longer than most people think. Some resorts offer free shuttles through this area, and taxi rides can be fairly cheap. Make sure to take advantage of these modes of transportation instead of walking the whole time.
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Starpoint Resort Group Highlights Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

Jul 11, 2014 by


Starpoint Resort Group states that the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is one of the most glamorous hotels that you will be able to find on The Strip. While most resorts strive to be modeled after a theme, such as Egypt or Paris, this hotel is all about the elegance. The Cosmopolitan boasts many elegant bars and lounges that are perfect for sipping on cocktails and catching up with your closest friends. One of these bars is The Chandelier and provides multiple levels of entertainment.

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Starpoint Resort Group Highlights Tips on Dining in Las Vegas

Jul 9, 2014 by

Starpoint Resort Group knows that Las Vegas is a premier destination for those who are planning to travel this summer. This city is full of excitement and adventure, and has something new waiting around every corner. While staying on The Strip in Sin City, it may seem like that the numerous resorts, casinos, shops, and restaurants are a town all in its own with different rules and ways of living. When traveling to Las Vegas this summer, make sure that you follow the proper etiquette when dining at restaurants with these helpful tips.

  • Although there isn’t strict attire at a majority of the restaurants on The Strip, some places definitely tend to attract a more formal dress code. For guys, that means put on your favorite sports coat or jacket with khakis or slacks and throw on some nice shoes. For the gals, dressing up usually entails a nice dress, pant suite, or skirt complete with wedges or heels.
  • One of the best things about Las Vegas is that there is food establishments open 24 hours a day. After you have been dancing the night away at one of the luxurious clubs in town, you can easily find something to ease that craving at 3 am. However, if you are looking to dine at one of the nicer restaurants on The Strip, the hours are usually restricted to just a few hours in the evenings. Make sure to get a reservation a few days ahead of time.
  • With a plethora of dining experiences available, The Strip provides cuisine for every taste bud. If you are on a fixed budget when it comes to food, Starpoint Resort Group recommends that you check out some of the all you can eat buffets or fast casual restaurants that can be found in virtually any hotel.
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